The Casing Catcher

The Casing Catcher takes the “egg-hunt” out of spent casing retrieval and affords the operator a clean and gall-free specimen.

Our Casing Catcher, attaches to our BRS 101-48A Bullet Recovery Tank, is a recommended accessory
for all forensic crime labs. By totally enclosing the test weapon, spent casing retrieval is a snap.

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    Easily stored when not in use, the unit breaks-down into a more manageable size for storage.
  • Telescoping frame easily adjusts 19” to 40” in length, allowing the operator to stand comfortably while in use.
  • 18” diameter opening provides ample space for weapons requiring forearm support and for the retrieval of casings.
  • Clean specimen, the fabric netting gently catches the casing thus preventing abrasions and markings caused by an outside source.
  • Fire resistant fabric, a raschel netting, totally encloses the weapon’s eject port and fits snugly around the tank gun tube via an elastic band.
  • Lightweight construction fabric support structure is fabricated with aluminum.
  • Quick connect/disconnect allows the operator to easily attach or detach the unit to/from the bullet recovery system.