Remote Firing Stand
Remote Firing Stand can hold a variety of firearms rigidly in position, enabling the operator to fire a suspected faulty weapon from a safe distance, up to 15 feet away, outside the firing range space.

The Remote Firing Stand is portable and very versatile. It offers a wide range of angle adjustment, allowing the test weapon to aim upwards, downwards or horizontally. It can be utilized at the firing range or it can be easily aligned to our bullet recovery tank and other projectile capturing devices

  • Click on picture for larger view
    Remote Firing Stand shown with the protective cover removed for
    illustration purposes only.
    Wide variety of test weapons, from pistols up to full length rifles, can easily be arranged in the clamp fixtures that slide along two parallel shafts.
  • 2 clamping mechanisms grip the weapon and can be adjusted left/right, up/down and in angular directions.
  • Recoil bumper to dampen the test weapon’s recoil.
  • Sight fixture attaches to the projectile capturing device.
  • Remotely operated trigger mechanism, a 15 ft.
    self contained hydraulic device, supplies the
    motion/stroke needed to fire the test weapon.
  • Protective enclosure, made of high quality 1/8” aluminum, guards against airborne debris & shrapnel should a faulty weapon explode while test firing.
  • Mechanical hydraulics controlling 4 pistons can raise the stand an additional 10 inches.